I have an extensive background in providing training and workshops in academic, clinical, and work settings on mental health prevention, work/life balance, strategies to boost motivation, and multicultural awareness and adjustment.

Training presentations include:

Mental Health First Aid Training   This internationally recognized 8-hour training is a comprehensive introduction to risk factors and warning signs of a spectrum of mental health problems and crises. Participants learn how to recognize signs of mental health problems, offer and provide initial help, and how to guide people to appropriate professional treatment and other supportive help. 

Sexual Assault prevention and response on college campuses   This program reviews training for campus staff on Title IX and their role in supporting campus efforts to effectively respond to sexual violence. Interventions for reducing stigma and motivating survivors of sexual violence to seek confidential support and reporting options are reviewed and demonstrated. 

Managing Stress and Maintaining Motivation  This workshop reviews skills that help college students and early career professionals stay motivated, manage stress effectively, and maintain a healthy mood.  Participants learn ways to mitigate “imposter syndrome,” appreciate the importance of seeking support, setting smart goals, and improve self-efficacy.

 Multicultural Competence: Increasing our Awareness  This staff training involves education and facilitated group learning. Participants learn concepts to understand the impact of multicultural differences in relationships and work settings. Interactive dialogue promotes awareness of participants’ own values, attitudes, and beliefs that may impact their interactions with diverse clients. 

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